Getting around
Chester is a relatively small city and therefore getting around is mainly by foot.  If you are travelling to Chester by train you can get a bus from the train station to the city centre.  You can take the Arriva buses (1, 3, 4, X44, X55) or the dedicated service that you see parked up outside the station but really it only takes 10 minutes to walk to the city centre along city road so the choice is yours.

You can find a good map of the city centre as well as city guides here.

Hotels and places to stay
There are three main areas of accommodation in Chester, these are Hoole, round the train station and city centre, and Hough Green.  My recommendation would be to find a bed and breakfast or hotel in either the city centre/train station area or Hough Green as these areas allow easier access to the workshop venue (as well as the city centre).
Possible places to stay in Hough Green/city centre include
Bed and Breakfast in Chester -
                                             - Mitchells of Chester
                                             - Grosvenor Place
{You can take the number 3 or 4 bus from the train station directly to Hough Green}
There are also a number of cheap hotel chains such as Premier Inn or Travelodge as well as many more good hotels that you might find a cheap deal for. If you prefer to stay in an apartment style hotel then Roomzzz is a good option.

Recommended places for eating and drinking

Chester has hundreds of cafes and eating places as it caters for a vibrant tourist industry here are my personal recommendations:

The best coffee around:

Jaunty Goat, 41 Bridge Street, Chester. 

For a great lunch or snack:

Marmalade, 67 Northgate Street, Chester.