Submission format

Two possibilities either a pitch presentation or full presentation.  Submission should be send to by the submission date (14th November 2016). Please note that you do not need to submit a paper to attend this workshop.  Feel free to come along just to network and find out about this area of research.


Pitch presentation (10 minutes)

A pitch presentation will be given 5 minutes presentation time with 5 minutes for discussion.

Pitch presentations need only submit a structured extended abstract of up to 250 words normally covering introduction, method, findings, and conclusion.  Pitch presentations can be used to present novel ideas (without data), viewpoints, commentaries on policy or practice, or case studies and as such may require tailored abstract format.


Full presentation (30 minutes)

A full presentation will be given 20 minutes presentation time with 10 minutes for discussion. Submissions should be formatted as follows: 

·      5 single-spaced pages (excluding title page, abstract, references, tables, figures and appendix) with size 12 Times Roman font and normal (1” all round) margins.

  ·      The title page should include the title of the paper, the author(s) contact details as well as a short abstract of no more than 100 words.
  ·      Tables and figures should be provided within the main body of the paper.  Only one appendix is allowed.
  ·      Harvard referencing format should be used.
  ·      With the exception of conceptual/review papers, papers should contain an introduction, literature review, method, results and discussion section.